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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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An Object Oriented Framework for the Hadronic Monte Carlo Event Generations

Nikolai Ameline1, Maxim Komogorov2
  1. CERN, IT/ASD, Geneve, Switzerland
  2. Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia

Presented by: Nikolai Amelin

  We advocate the development of an object-oriented framework for the hadronic MC event generators. The MC user and developer requirements are discussed as well as the model commonalities. The development of a framework is in favour to take into account model commonalities since common means stable and can be developed only at once. Such framework can provide different possibilities to have user session more convenient and productive, e.g. easy access of any model parameter, runtime substitution of model components, customized output, which offers neither full information about history of generated event or specific information about reaction final states etc. Such framework can indeed increase the productivity of a model developer, particularly, due to formalization of the model component structure and model component collaborations. It opens a way to organize a library of the hadronic model components, which can be considered as the pool of hadronic model building blocks. Basic features, code structure and working examples of the first framework version, which has been built as the starting point, is shortly explained.

Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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