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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Optimal Choice of Track Fitting Procedure for Contaminated Data in High-Accuracy Cathode Strip Chambers

Igor Golutvin, Serge Movtchan, Gennadi Ososkov, Vladimir Palichik, Elena Tikhonenko
 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna

Presented by: Elena Tikhonenko

  Modern detectors of elementary particles achieve a very high accuracy of coordinate measurements (the order of tens microns) However heavy physical backgrounds can decrease the accuracy in several orders of magnitude. Therefore one needs to choose an optimal track fitting procedure, i.e. a simple calculating approach guaranteeing the best track parameters estimation. This task is especially important for processing of contaminated data from high-accuracy cathode strip chambers. Since the traditional least squares method (LSQ) looses its optimal properties on contaminated data, some of authors made attempts to apply an LSQ modification with refitting track after rejecting more distant points. A "straight" application of maximum likelihood method (MLM) improves the situation significantly, but leads to quite cumbersome calculating procedures. Thus the problem is to choose a simple calculating procedure giving the most accurate result. We propose a robust track fitting procedure with sub-optimal weight function. Our approach can be characterized by a mathematical simplicity, easy-calculated weights and a high-speed program realization. In our comparative study we estimate track parameters on data simulated for CMS endcap muon chambers applying a pure LSQ method, LSQ method with point rejecting, a "straight" MLM and our robust technique. The results obtained demonstrate the advantages of our robust approach.

Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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