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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

All abstracts with keytopic D

Abs Title Speaker Type Status Pr, SP, LP
D005 Potential HEP Applications of a New High Performance Networking Technology Van Praag, A. L PARALLEL
PowerPoint Acrobat pdf 
D007 How No Collisions Make Better Physics Matthews, W. S POSTER
 PostscriptAcrobat pdf  
D009 A Next Generation Integrated Environment for Collaborative Work Across Internets Galvez, P. S PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D038 Using Packet Video/Audio Tools on a PC PLatform Kippenhan, Jr., H. L PARALLEL
D056 1-800-H.E.P. Matthews, W. S PARALLEL
PowerPointPostscriptAcrobat pdf  
D076 A new architecture for Web Services at CERN Pace, A. S PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D086 CERN Building and Map Interface via WWW and on the Palm Pilot Donszelmann, M. S POSTER
 Acrobat pdf  
D094 Network Quality of Services for Remote Control in the High Energy Physics Experiments: a Case Study Ferrari, T. L PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D127 Distributed applications monitoring at system and network level Vistoli, C. L PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D156 Java Infrastructure in the CERN Software Repositories Reguero, I. S POSTER
D159 Remote consult in radiotherapy: HEP technologies in health Physics! Squarcia, S. L PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D161 Managing and Monitoring specific kinds of commands/processes within a Distributed Environment through C++ and Corba in the BaBar Opr setup Glanzman, T. S PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D190 Transport and management of high volumes of data through bounded LAN and WAN infrastructures at SLAC Millsom, D. S PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D192 Traffic analysis and performance diagnosis in the switched data acquisition and control networks of the BaBar experiment Luitz, S. S PARALLEL
D195 Networking facilities at Budker INP, Novosibirsk Belov, S. S POSTER
 Acrobat pdf  
D220 NASA’s Information Power Grid: Distributed High-Performance Computing and Large-Scale Data Management for Science and Engineering Johnston, W. L PARALLEL
Acrobat pdfAcrobat pdf  
D235 Evaluation of Objectivity/AMS on the Wide Area Network Sato, H. L PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D251 FreeHEP 2000 Johnson, T. S PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D274 Networking in Asia Karita, Y. S PLENARY
D278 Security Issues in HP-UX and Linux Paick, K. S PARALLEL
D283 KEK-CERN JEG Experiment Suzuki, S. S PARALLEL
D290 Production experience with CORBA in the BABAR experiment Glanzman, T. S PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D306 Fermilab Strong Authentication Project Kaletka, M. S PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D344 Condor on WAN Ghiselli, A. S PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D350 WhereTheHeck: a WEB based source code navigator Menasce, D. S PARALLEL
PowerPointAcrobat pdf  
D388 Status of U.S. Networks at the Turn of the Century Cottrell, L. S PLENARY
D402 Research Networking in Europe LIELLO, F. S PLENARY

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