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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Perspectives on Grid Technology

Ian Foster
 Argonne National Lab.

Speaker: Ian Foster

  A computational grid, like its namesake the electric power grid, provides quasi-ubiquitous access to capabilities that cannot easily be replicated at network endpoints. In the case of a high-performance grid, these capabilities include both high-performance devices (networks, computers, storage devices, visualization devices, etc.) and unique services that depend on these devices, such as virtual data, smart instruments, collaborative design spaces, and metacomputations. In this talk, I disuss some of the technical challenges that arise when we attempt to build such Grids: in particular, the frequent need to meet stringent end-to-end performance requirements despite a lack of global knowledge or control. I also review some of the efforts that are developing Grid infrastructure and exploring Grid applications internationally. In particular, I describe the Globus project, a multi-institutional effort that is developing key grid infrastructure components, for authentication, resource location/allocation, process management, communication, and data management. I describe various Globus components, including the techniques used to achieve single sign-on, user-to-resource authentication, and process-to-process authentication over resources located in different administrative domains.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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