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Last update: Nov 30, 1999

Bulletin #1

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Index of Bulletin #1

CHEP 2 0 0 0 Announce

The organizing committee is pleased to announce:

International Conference on


February 7 - February 11, 2000 Padova, Italy

Computing in High Energy Physics 2000 (Chep 2000) is a major series of international conferences for physicists and computing professionals from the High Energy and Nuclear Physics community, Computer Science, and Information Technology.

The CHEP conference provides an international forum to exchange information on computing experience and needs for the community, and to review recent, ongoing, and future activities.

The CHEP conference includes plenary and parallel sessions, a panel discussion, poster presentations and an industrial exhibition.

Key topics include

  • Commodity Hardware & Software
  • Control Systems
  • Data Analysis & Visualization
  • Data Handling and Storage
  • HEP Specific Architectures
  • Persistency schemes
  • Information System and Multimedia
  • Local & Wide Area Networking
  • Software Methodologies and Tools
  • Triggering & Data Acquisition

Special emphasis is put on the deployment of novel computing technologies in current and future HEP experiments.

The CHEP 2000 conference is organized in collaboration with "Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare" (INFN) and the Physics Department of the Padova University. It will be held in Padova (Italy) from February 7 to February 11, 2000. Further bulletins will inform you about the CHEP conference's background, organizers, topics, program and provide preliminary registration information.


CHEP conferences are held in roughly 18 month intervals, alternating between Europe, North America and other parts of the world. Recent CHEP conferences have been held in

  • Europe - Oxford, England (1989)
  • N America - Santa Fe, New Mexico (1990)
  • Asia - Tsukuba, Japan (1991)
  • Europe - Annecy, France (1992)
  • N America - San Francisco, California (1994)
  • S America - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1995)
  • Europe - Berlin, Germany, (1997)
  • N America - Chicago, Illinois (1998)

CHEP 2000 Committees

Chairman: Mirco Mazzucato

International Advisory Committee

Organizing Committee
Kors Bos NIKHEF Amsterdam Mirco Mazzucato INFN Padova
He Sheng Chen IHEP Beijing Luciano Barone Roma Univ.
Yu Chuansong IHEP Beijing Paolo Capiluppi Bologna Univ.
Manuel Delfino CERN Geneva Sergio Cittolin CERN
Mickael Ernst DESY Hamburg Alberto Masoni INFN Cagliari
Francois Etienne IN2P3 Marseille Dario Menasce INFN Milano
Ulrich Gensch DESY Hamburg Michele Michelotto INFN Padova
Antonia Ghiselli INFN CNAF-Bologna Alessandro Pascolini Padova Univ.
Lars Hagge DESY Hamburg Marina Passaseo INFN Padova
John Harvey CERN Geneva Laura Perini Milano Univ.
Bob Jacobsen LBNL Berkeley Gabriele Puglierin INFN Padova
Paul Jeffreys RAL Oxford Federico Ruggieri INFN CNAF
Dean Karlen Carlton U. Ottawa Angelo Scribano Siena Univ.
Matthias Kasemann FNAL Chicago Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova
Stu Loken LBNL Berkeley Roberto Stroili Padova Univ.
Livio Mapelli CERN Geneva Enzo Valente INFN Roma
Wyatt Merritt FNAL Chicago Cesare Voci Padova Univ.
Richard Mount SLAC Menlo Park
Thomas Nash FNAL Batavia Local Organization
Harvey Newman Caltech
Martti Pimia CERN Geneva Giuseppina Salente INFN Padova
Lawrence E. Price ANL Graziella Rossetto INFN Padova
Les Robertson CERN Geneva Roberto Zanardi INFN Padova
Wolfgang von Rueden CERN Geneva
Terry Schalk U.C. Santa Cruz
Marjorie Shapiro LBNL Berkeley
Yoshiyuki Watase KEK Tsukuba
Torre Wenaus BNL RHIC
Vicky White FNAL Chicago
Roy Whitney JLAB Newport News
David Williams CERN Geneva

Conference Program

The program is organized with a mix of invited plenary talks and parallel sessions. Plenary talks will cover recent, ongoing and future activities of the HEP community, interesting technological developments of the IT industry and novel aspects of system development. The parallel sessions are organized mainly on the above mentioned topics, but are not limited to.

Preliminary Conference Schedule

The CHEP 2000 conference runs from Monday, February 7, to Friday, February 11, 2000. The Conference Secretariat will be available for registration on Sunday evening preceding the conference. A welcome party will be held during the registration.

We invite you to submit papers and posters to CHEP 2000. All papers and posters accepted for the conference will be published in the conference proceedings on a CD-ROM disk. Please note the submission deadlines:

- Deadline for abstracts: October, 15th 1999 is no longer valid.
!! The new deadline is November, 7th 1999 !! See the bulletin #3.
- Author notification: November, 27th 1999

Conference Location

Padova is one of the largest cities in the North-East of Italy. The city is located 30 km west of Venice and is known for its dynamic economy, artistic buildings and a famous University.

Many flights connect Venice airport "Marco Polo" to the main international airports. Padova is also well connected to the railway and highways.

The "Universita' degli Studi di Padova" is the second oldest University in Italy and is one of the most ancient in Europe. Juridical, theological, philosophical and medical studies were fostered in the mediaeval town before the ground was prepared for the official birth
of a permanent university, which took place on September 29, 1222. The first graduated woman in the world, achieved her degree at the University of Padova.

Conference Registration and Accommodation

Conference registration forms will be available on the CHEP 2000 Web-Server ( http://chep2000.pd.infn.it ). It will be possible to register using the Web form interactively or by sending back the filled in form via fax. Several hotels in Padova have been reserved for your accommodation during your stay in town. The reservation form for the hotel will be available on the CHEP 2000 Web-Server.

The conference fee is Lit 650.000 for those who register before December 23th, 1999. An additional charge will be applied for later registration to Lit. 750.000. The registration fee includes:

  • The conference bag
  • Welcome party
  • Coffee breaks
  • Participation to the social events (Conference Banquet, concert)
  • Copy of the proceedings on CD-Rom

For further information please send a mail to chep2000@pd.infn.it or contact the secreatariat at:

CHEP 2000 Conference Secretariat c/o Giuseppina Salente
INFN, Via Marzolo 8, I-35131 Padova, ITALY
Tel: ++39.049.827.7254
Fax: ++39.049.827.7111


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