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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Geant4 Status and Results

John Allison1, John Apostolakis2, Maria Grazia Pia3
  1. University of Manchester and CERN
  2. CERN
  3. INFN Genova and CERN

Speaker: John Apostolakis

  GEANT4 is a detector simulation toolkit designed for the new generation of High Energy Physics experiments as well as for nuclear physics, medical and space applications, radiation background studies.
  Approximately one year since the release of the first Geant4 production version, significant results from many applications of Geant4 in a variety of domains, such as HEP experiments, space and medical applications, are already available and continue to be produced. An overview of the status of Geant4 and of the results of its application will be presented.
  GEANT4 exploits advanced software engineering techniques and Object Oriented technology to improve the validation of physics results and to make possible the distributed software design and development in the world-wide collaboration. Problem domain decomposition and Object Oriented Analysis and Design have given a clean, unidirectional dependency structure of class categories.
  GEANT4 provides functionalities for all the domains of detector simulation: Geometry, Tracking, Detector Response, Run, Event and Track management, Particle Data Group compliant particle management, Visualisation and User Interface, as well as a large variety of Physics Processes and models. The processes and models go from electromagnetic physics to hadronics, from optics to radiation background, from cosmic muons to theoretical generators models - spanning a wide energy range, as required by GEANT4 multi-disciplinary nature.
  The GEANT4 Object-Oriented design allows the user to understand, extend, or customise the toolkit in all the domains. At the same time, the modularity of the GEANT4 software allows the user to load and use only the components he/she needs.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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