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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Can HEP benefit from Open Source?

Manuel Delfino Reznicek

Speaker: Manuel Delfino Reznicek

  The Open Source method of developing software has gained wide recognition in the last few years for producing high quality stable software. The best example of this so far is the Linux operating system. Working in this methodology challenges several long standing principles in business and academic software development, relating to Intellectual Property Right exploitation, human resource allocation by project and methods of collaborative work. On the other hand, the Open Source community has many similarities to the HEP community, such as its geographical dispersion and its loose collaborations amongst people responding to different management structures. These challenges and similarities are explored in order to judge whether Open Source methods, or even full Open Source development, could be benefitial to the activities of the HEP community.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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