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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Using Packet Video/Audio Tools on a PC PLatform

H.A. "Kipp" Kippenhan, Jr.
 HEPNRC at Fermilab

Speaker: H.A. "Kipp" Kippenhan, Jr.

  The use of video conferencing technology has become common in facilitating meetings by HEP collaborators at remote institutions. Modest start-up costs have made packet video conferencing using public domain tools (sdr, rat, vic, wb) very popular for those using Unix workstations. The shift in the desktop computer environment of researchers from a Unix workstation to a PC (running Windows® or Linux®) necessitates revisiting the use of packet tools.
  The UCL Networked Multimedia Research Group has done an excellent job in porting the tools to PC's, improving the tool software and in providing user documentation. However, that documentation won't help in dealing with PC system software and hardware problems. This paper addresses some of the less obvious but troublesome things that users encounter when configuring a PC for use with the packet tools. It also provides suggestions about hardware known to work with PC's, and some cautions about components that won't work and why. It is intended as a roadmap to configuring a PC to successfully use with the packet video/audio tools.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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