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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Java Infrastructure in the CERN Software Repositories

Ignacio Reguero, Vova Golubkov, German Cancio, Mark Donszelmann
 CERN, IT Division

Presented by: Ignacio Reguero

  Due to the growing interest of the Physics community in Java, the SUN Java development kit (JDK) has been installed in the ASIS and NICE software repositories since mid 1998.
   A Perl wrapper to the JDK has been provided in order to ease version switching. A simple option or environment variable allows to point to different JDK kits as the references to the system classes and shared libraries is handled by the wrapper. The same wrapper is in production both for Windows and Unix systems.
   A set of Java libraries and utilities have also been installed in ASIS. Support and management software has been provided for the persons having a particular interest in the products to keep them up to date in the repository.
   These include a set of utilities and components used by the Wired project as well as XML parsers, mathematical libraries such as the Colt library, CORBA ORBs such as Orbacus, the Jikes Java compilers, the Bean shell, the Swing libraries, etc.
   A standard layout had to be agreed in order to distribute both Java class libraries and utilities.
   The file system tree with the Java utilities is being mirrored in the software repository for Windows systems in order to provide platform independent access from these systems.

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