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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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RHIC Computing Facility Processing System

Bruce Gibbard, Terence Healy, Shigeki Misawa, Timothy Sailer, Thomas Throwe
 Brookhaven National Laboratory

Speaker: Bruce Gibbard

  The RHIC Computing Facility employees a combination of SUN/Solaris Servers and Intel/Linux based computers to perform the production processing of RHIC data. Currently installed in this processing subsystem are 8 Sun Enterprise servers with a total of 32 CPU's and 214 Intel systems with a total of 448 CPU's, producing a total capacity of 7500 SPECint95. The network infrastructure for the facility is switched Fast and Gigabit Ethernet with an extended frame Gigabit protocol used for inter-server transfers. A total of 10 TBytes of primarily Fibre Channel connected RAID disk is attached to these systems. Resource allocation is done by a combination of the commercial product LSF and in-house developed job flow management software. Current installed capacities are adequate for first year RHIC operations but will be required to grow by factors of 2 - 4 to satisfy year 2001 needs. Additional details of the systems, including scalability and ease of management aspects of their administration and control software, are presented. Underlying design philosophies are discussed as are performance characteristics observed during stress test and Mock Data Challenge exercises.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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