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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Experience with Document Management at DESY

Jochen Bürger, Wolfgang Busjan, Lars Hagge, Jens Kreutzkamp

Speaker: Wofgang Busjan

  In November 1997 DESY has installed the WWW-based electronic Document Management System (DMS) TuoviWDM, which has been developed at the University of Helsinki in collaboration with CERN. The system is used by several groups from accelerators, experiments, and central services. It has currently more than 3000 registered users and contains more than 7000 documents. The current installation includes documents from several groups, e.g. technical drawings, information for operating groups and publications from an experiment (H1). An important point is the integration of the DMS into the present WEB. Many casual users refuse a new Interface to the Information if they are accustomed to the WEB. We have two ways to preserve the benefits provided by the DMS, especially the actuality, for this kind of users. The first is to offer stable links, which don't change during the operation of the DMS. The second way is an automatically creation of WEB pages with a specific view on the documents. Immediate benefits of the introduction of the DMS include ease of document publication, distribution and access: Documents can be created or retrieved at remote sites, they are instantly available to entire project teams, and it is ensured that team members always access the same version of a document. Furthermore we have learnt much more about the user requirements than we could learn by simply asking the people what they want to have or what they need. The talk describes the DMS installation at DESY, lists benefits and experience gained, and describes some important technical details of DMS operation and customization.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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