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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Abstract Interfaces for Data Analysis - AIDA

Pavel Binko1, Bernardino Ferrero-Merlino2, Andreas Pfeiffer3
  1. CERN/LHCb
  2. CERN/IT
  3. CERN/IT, for the HepVis-99 working group

Speaker: Andreas Pfeiffer

  The fast turnover of software technologies, in particular in the domain of interactivity (covering user interface and visualisation), makes it difficult for a small group of people to produce complete and polished software-tools before the underlying technologies make them obsolete. This is particular true in the domain of high energy and nuclear physics experiments where a close contact to innovation is necessary in order to analyse a huge and increasing amount of data.
  At the last HepVis'99 workshop, a working group has been formed to improve the production of software tools for data analysis in HENP. Beside promoting a distributed development organisation, one goal of the group is to systematically design a set of abstract interfaces based on using modern OO-analysis and OO-design techniques.
  An initial analysis has come up with several categories (components) found in typical data analysis tools. Special emphasis was put on reducing the couplings between the categories to a minimum, thus optimising re-use and maintainability of any component individually.
  The present status of the project together with some implementations will be discussed.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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