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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Scientific Toolkit for Java

Mark Pollack
 Self, but formally of Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Speaker: Mark Pollack

  This paper presents and demonstrates STJ, a Scientific Toolkit for Java. STJ provides an extensible data analysis framework and leverages the rich functionality provided by the Java 2 platform. Extensive use is made of new Java features such as Collection classes, 2D graphics API, Internationalization. JavaHelp, and Java Printing.
  Key abstractions made extensible in the framework include persistence, scripting, representation of 1 and 2 dimensional data and functions, histogramming and fitting algorithms. Supplied implementations for persistence are Java Serialization, relational databases, and the ROOT I/O format. Scripting languages supported are Java, JavaScript, Python, and Tcl. The graphing classes are based on a Model View/Controller architecture making it easy to display data from a variety of sources. Support for TeX labels, an assortment of freeware GUI components, and a collection of application icons are also packaged along with STJ.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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