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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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CALMA: a software-based project for automatic recognition and classification of mammograms

S.R. Amendolia1, G. Bisogni2, U. Bottigli2, A. Ceccopieri2, P. Delogu2, M.E. Fantacci2, A. Marchi2, V.M. Marzulli2, R. Palmiero2, S. Stumbo1
  1. Istituto di Matematica e Fisica Universita' di Sassari e INFN, sez. di Pisa
  2. Dipartimento di Fisica Universita' di Pisa e INFN, sez. di Pisa

Speaker: Vincenzo Marzulli

  One of the most successful fall-outs of the research in HEP is the application to Medical Physics. This regards the use or the adaptation of instruments conceived for particle physics, as well as the extension to the medical field of software techniques in data retrieval and analysis. CALMA is a good example of the latter application: this project is aimed at the archiving of a large quantity of clinical records related to mammographical examinations, at the realization of stand-alone acquisition and analysis work-stations, and at the construction of a fully automated image-analysis software for diagnostic purposes. In all of these aspects of the project, now half way to completion, the techniques developed for HEP and for other research fields like astronomy have been widely exploited. In particular, the image-analysis tools heavily rely on the use of feature extraction packages and of Neural Networks. The experience gained by the collaboration in dealing with data for trigger and analysis purposes in HEP has been extremely beneficial. The talk will give a brief overview of the underlying clinical problem, and will concentrate on the specific software tools realized ad-hoc or adapted from existing packages. A preliminary evaluation of the performances of the sofware will also be reported.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Long Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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