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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Online Data for Experiments - ODE

Ruth Pordes, Margaret Votava

Speaker: Ruth Pordes

  We report on a new project just getting underway at Fermilab to provide data acquisition for the next generation of experiments at the lab. These experiments are in the early stages of detector and data acquisition architecture design.
  ODE will incorporate components from DA systems already in use at Fermilab, specifically DART and the Run II collider program. DART, the existing Fermilab standard system, has proven robust and versatile over the last five years and has been used by many experiments and test beams beyond those which provided the original requirements for its development. Additional components from Run II of CDF and D0 are also being used.
  ODE includes components to provide of "paperless counting room" "remote and distributed access and control" "large scale system administration, instrumentation and monitoring" "remote archiving of the data" "integration of data bases for bookkeeping and tracking". We provide a scripting language in python to define test sequences and acquisition steps. NT and Linux are supported. Java is the implementation language of choice. We plan to reuse the message logging, vme readout and resource management components from the CDF Online system, and the data archiving and staging components from the D0 Run II data handling system. We are integrating LabView for test stands and small scale data acquisition environments.
  We describe our first integrated test system within the ODE framework, targetted for use in early 2000, for a BTeV data acquisition pilot project.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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