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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Application of Java and CORBA to Distributed Control and Monitoring Applications in the PHENIX Online Control System

Edmond Desmond1, Steven Adler1, Lars Ewel1, John Haggerty1, Hyon Kehayias1, Steve Pate2, Martin Purschke1, Ryan Roth1, Chris Witzig1
  1. Brookhaven National Lab
  2. New Mexico State University

Speaker: Edmond Desmond

  The integration of Java with CORBA to achieve platform independent distributed control and system monitoring applications in the PHENIX Online Computer System will be presented. The PHENIX Online Computer system is distributed over the Solaris, NT, Linux, and VxWorks operating systems. These environments run on Sun SPARCstation, Pentium and Power PC architectures respectively. CORBA has been used extensively in this environment to provide distributed access among these divergent platforms.
  This paper will present the experiences gained and the techniques, which were developed in applying these two technologies to the PHENIX, distributed control environment. Techniques used for passing complex data types between clients and server applications will be presented. Performance and Security issues of Java based applications and applets and their relevance to the control environment of large-scale detector requirements will be discussed. Java provides the promise of platform independence by executing bytecode in a uniform Virtual Machine. The OMG CORBA IIOP communication protocol was developed to provide seamless communication of applications developed with different ORB implementations. The experience and degree to which these promises of ORB interoperability, platform independence and seamless communication in the PHENIX control and monitoring applications will be evaluated.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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