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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Star Online System

Claude Pruneau1, Jeff Porter2, Mei-li Chen2, Torre Wenaus2
  1. Wayne State University
  2. BNL

Speaker: Claude Pruneau

  The Star Online system is designed to operate top-level configuration, control, and monitoring of the Star experiment. It involves components for subsystem control, configuration, run control, monitoring, and condition logging of the detector status and conditions. It also includes an event pool service that feeds directly from the data acquisition event builder, for constant monitoring of the Star detector performance based on analyses of raw detector data as well as a full reconstruction of collisions. The Online system is based on heteregeneous architecture and computing languages. Computing platforms include a small cluster of Microsoft NT workstations for detector subsystems and run control, SUN Solaris machines used as file, database, and event pool servers, a small farm of Pentium III machines, running LINUX, for the online analysis of live data. Connection and communication between the various processes running on these machines are accomplished using CORBA services. The core experiment control components consist of reactive servers written in C++. A graphical user interface, called NeXus, and implemented in JAVA, provides modular client control of the servers. A command line interface implemented with ROOT is also provided for additional flexibility. The Online system implements data storage and archival using XML and mySql databases.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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