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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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The D0 Data Acquisition System and its Operational Control

Gena Briskin1, Dave Cutts1, Sean Mattingly1, Gordon Watts2, Ray Zeller3
  1. Brown University
  2. University of Washington
  3. Zeller Research Ltd.

Speaker: Dave Cutts

  The D0's data acquisition system for the Fermilab Collider's Run 2 features a unique design for the free flow of data blocks from digitization crates to Level 3 trigger processor nodes. In addition to buffer memory boards, upgraded from Run 1, the new system includes collectors that receive blocks from the crates and transmit them over fiber to the first of a group L3 farm segment branch modules. The data blocks are constantly moving, either to an appropriate L3 node in a segment, to the next segment branch, or returning in a recirculation loop to the initial collector.
  The DAQ control software will coordinate overall data acquisition operation, and provide quasi-real-time monitor information. The control software is based on a distributed system with specific processors coordinating each custom data path module, and two separate machines for overall system supervision and for monitoring.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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