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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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An Active Model Approach to Data Analysis in the Petabyte Era

G. Chevenier1, C. Koch1, J.-M. Le Goff1, I. Willers1, R. McClatchey2, Z. Kovacs2, P. Brooks2, M. Zsenei3
  1. CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  2. Centre for Complex Cooperative Systems, Univ. West of England, Frenchay, BS16 1QY UK
  3. KFKI, RMKI, 1525 Budapest, Hungary

Presented by: Jean-Marie Le Goff

  Experimenters at LHC must equip themselves with the appropriate software tools and techniques to store and access petabytes of data in a manner that facilitates physics analysis in a timely and efficient manner. The issue of storing petabytes of data has largely been resolved by the emergence of data base products, both relational and object-oriented in nature that can handle such data volumes. Accessing petabyte data warehouses to allow concurrent analysis by physicists in multiple Regional Centres distributed across continents with adequate response is quite a different matter and one which is, as yet, unresolved for LHC experiments. This paper investigates this issue and adopts a truly object-oriented approach in proposing an active object model as the basis for distributed large-scale data analysis. This integrated model -based approach is contrasted with the traditional approach of replicating data between multiple, independent data analysis Centres and conclusions are drawn as to the advantages of using an active data model approach.

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