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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Data Handling at Fermilab and Plans for Worldwide Analysis

Vicky White

Speaker: Vicky White

  Fermilab has gained considerable experience in building and operating data handling systems. Fermilab was the first High Energy/Nuclear Physics site to use the HPSS storage system in production. New data handling systems have been built and are now being tested at CDF and D0, ready for the challenge of handling almost a Petabyte of data per year. A new, performant, network-based storage system, Enstore, has been built and is now operational and in use by the D0 experiment. CDF and D0, although choosing somewhat different implementations for their Run II data handling, have built, and are now testing, data access systems based on file based access to data, disk caching strategies and an Oracle meta-data database. The D0 data access system, SAM, designed explicitly to support distributed data access, and to incorporate resource management components, is also being used in some of the research and development work of the Particle Physics Data Grid project. There is ongoing work on LHC/CMS experiment data management and on worldwide analysis, which focuses on object data management systems, data organization, and resource management issues and which will make use of the lesson learned with the Run II systems.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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