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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Worldwide Distrbuted Analysis for the Next Generations of HENP Experiments

Harvey Newman

Speaker: Harvey Newman

  The major particle and nuclear physics experiments of the next twenty years will break new ground in our understanding of the fundamental interactions and symmetries governing the nature of matter and spacetime. Realizing the scientific wealth of these experiments presents new problems in data access, processing and distribution, and collaboration across national and international networks, on a scale unprecedented in the history of science. The challenges include: o The extraction of small or subtle new physics signals from large and potentially overwhelming backgrounds. o Providing rapid access to event samples and subsets drawn from massive data stores, rising from 100s of TeraBytes in 2000 to PetaBytes by 2005, to 100 PetaBytes by 2010. o Providing transparent access to heterogeneous worldwide-distributed computing and data handling resources, across an ensemble of networks of varying capability and reliability. o Providing the collaborative infrastructure that will make it possible for physicists in all world regions to contribute effectively to the analysis and the physics results, including from their home institutions. In my talk I will provide a perpective on the key computing, networking and software issues, and the ongoing R&D aimed at building a worldwide-distributed system to meet these diverse challenges. Over the last year this concept has evolved into that of a data-intensive, hierarchical "Grid" of national and regional centers linked to the principal center at the experimental site, and to local computing resources. I will touch on the synergy between these developments and work Grids in other fields, while highlighting the particular factors that affect the design and optimization of a Grid system to meet the needs of major HENP experiements.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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