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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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CORBA scripting in HEP and beyond

Serge Du1, Oleg Lodygensky1, Philippe Merle2
  1. LAL
  2. LIFL

Speaker: Oleg Lodygensky

  CorbaScript, a new scripting language dedicated to CORBA, was presented at CHEP 98. It is now accepted by the OMG as part of the future CORBA 3.0 specifications under the name "IDLScript".
  We will present our experience within true CORBA applications in BABAR based on a C++ data server and Java clients. IDLScript is used not only for prototyping and testing but also to implement effective CORBA services and management tools.
  One of the unique feature of IDLScript is the natural access of CORBA dynamic interface. With the CORBA introspection mechanisms, this allows us to build completely generic services which can handle any CORBA object. That is the case of Data Cache and Filtering services based on a Cloner module.
  A HTTP server can be written in IDLScript. That makes "CorbaWeb", a platform where any CORBA object is accessible through general Web browsers.
  These browsers can also be sensitive to changes in some CORBA objects, providing generic monitoring tools.
  IDLScript is developed by LIFL in an OpenSource like style, allowing the growing users community to extend and enhance a common library of modules.
  The HEP community could benefit more widely from these efforts and maybe contribute to enhance the standard.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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