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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Development of numerical library software in Java

Hiroko Okazawa1, Takashi Sasaki2
  1. Shizuoka Seika College
  2. KEK, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization

Speaker: Hiroko Okazawa

  In the analysis of HEP experiment, the software components tend to be large and it will be used for a long time more than 10 years or so. So it is efficient to adopt OO technique in the development of software components in HEP analysis. C++ OO language illustrates high-level performance and is useful because it has various run-time libraries, which inherited libraries used in C language. Although C++ is very fascinating language, it takes long time in understanding or developing software for physicists, no expert of C++ language. Now Java, a simple OO language,@began to affects scientific computing world. Because it is, - easily moved among computing platforms, - very safe under networking condition, - and easy to understand and integrate the software. But there are barriers in its adoption for scientific world. One of which is the lack of high quality numerical software components. In this report, we present the development of numerical software package such as least-square or some fitting and numerical components in JAVA. In this development, we also adopted OOA/OOD technique in designing those components for further change or addition of function in software components for such as long lived package. And we aim these packages to be available for many parts of analysis, not only for HEP analysis.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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