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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Integrated Information Management for TESLA

Lars Hagge

Speaker: Lars Hagge

  TESLA will have a lifespan of several decades, during which technical and operational information, know-how and skills have to be transferred and kept available. It has to be ensured from the beginning that complete information is collected, linked and made accessible to the entire collaboration.
  DESY is preparing an information management environment which integrates design information of an Engineering Data Management (EDM) system with technical information and parts tracking of an Asset Management (AM) system and alignment and layout data of a Facility Management (FM) system. Other components include Document Management (DM), a Business Framework (BF) and project and resource planning tools. The systems will have to feature a common database, continuous workflow across system boundaries and an integrated intuitive Web-based User Interface. Currently, pilot systems for document, asset and facility management are operated and evaluated, and a call for tender for a pilot EDMS has been issued.
  The paper introduces the different components and summarizes the experience gathered with the pilot systems. Special emphasis is put on the impact the systems will have on the way people work. For example, EDMS requires strict release procedures for documents and design drawings, or AM implies a disciplined change process. Mobile devices will have to be introduced to enable information processing on location. Finally, the paper examines how the project should be organized as a joint venture to guarantee continuing system development and availability over the lifespan of TESLA.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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