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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Modeling LHC Regional Computing Centers with the MONARC Simulation Tools


Speaker: Irwin Gaines

  The MONARC project has developed a flexible and powerful set of Java based tools to model the performance of a set of distributed computing resources carrying out typical sets of reconstruction and analysis tasks for LHC experiments. The tools themselves and their validation against testbed measurements has been described elsewhere. Here we report the use of these tools in modeling several aspects of distributed regional center based computing models.
  Systems modeled include a single regional center (with parameterized network inputs and outputs), and a hierarchical collection of differently sized regional and local centers connected to a central facility at CERN. The models include network and database performance. An adjustable job mix of different categories of computing jobs is used to study the success of particular architectures, in particular showing how efficient the use of computing resources (CPU power, disk space, mass storage, I/O and network bandwidth) is with differing job scheduling strategies.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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