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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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The Physics Analysis Server Project

Greg Landsberg, Richard Partridge
 Brown University

Speaker: Richard Partridge

  We propose a new concept in handling multi-Terabyte data sets that are increasingly common in HEP. The PHysics Analysis SERver (PHASER) unifies the power of the Physics Object Database with a cheap modern robotic direct-access storage solution for quick and effective access to a desired set of physics events. The Physics Object Database stores compact information about the events, allowing for a query that selects a required subset out of few hundred million events stored in the database in a matter of seconds. The DVD-RAM multi-Terabyte library that contains DST-level information is then used to extract complete features of the desired events and serve this subset to the user either via network or on the DVD-RAM media. Access to the PHASER system will be done via Web interface that allows remotely located physicists to easily access the data, which is very important for a large international collaboration, typical for a modern HEP experiment. We present first tests of this new concept using 60 million events collected by the D\O\ experiment in 1992-1996. We anticipate that the PHASER system will be one of the main physics analyses tools for D\O\ in the next run. PHASER is particularly useful for international collaborators who will be able to have a copy of the entire D\O\ data set locally at a moderate cost. We expect PHASER to be easily applicable to other HEP experiments that deal with extremely large data sets.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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