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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Disk Cache Management In Large-Scale Object Oriented Databases

Andrew Hanushevsky
 Stanford Linear Accelerator Lab

Speaker: Andrew Hanushevsky

  The BaBar experiment at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is designed to perform a high precision investigation of the decays of the B-meson produced from electron-positron interactions. The experiment, started in April 1999, will generate approximately 200TB/year of data for 10 years. All of the data will reside in Objectivity databases accessible via the Advanced Mult-threaded Server (AMS). Because of the sheer volume of data, only a small percentage can reside on disk at any one time; yet all of the data must appear to be online. An effective solution to this problem requires a robust disk cache management infrastructure that can scale far beyond the normal limitations of even the best Unix file systems.
  This presentation describes the design of the disk cache management system used to support BaBar, the necessary administration tools, and what we have learned in using the system in a production environment.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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