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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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The CDF Run II Data Catalog and Data Access Modules

Paolo Calafiura1, Jim Kowalkowski2, Stephan Lammel2, Mark Lancaster3, Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy2, Igor Sfiligoi4, Terence Watts5, Eric Wicklund2
  1. LBNL
  2. Fermilab
  3. University College, London
  4. INFN, Frascati
  5. Rutgers University

Speaker: Paolo Calafiura

  The next collider run of the Tevatron, Run II, will start in March of 2001. The CDF experiment will record and analyse proton-antiproton interactions at a center-of-mass energy of 2 TeV.
  CDF will organize data by datasets which will contain events of the same physics properties and reconstruction version. A CDF Data Catalog will exist to store information about the dataset and the Catalog will be implemented in a relational database; a prototype has been tested.
  The hierarchical organization used for data storage will be datasets, filesets, files, and run-sections; the Catalog will record this hierarchy. Run-sections will contain information about data quality, luminosity and dynamic trigger prescale values. Files will be grouped into filesets, and filesets into datasets.
  A user will analyse data by selecting one or more datasets. A special data handling input module in the analysis driver, AC++, will coordinate the reading of all filesets belonging to a requested dataset using the Catalog and disk inventory manager software.
  An output module will write files of approximately 1 GB; data handling software will form filesets and transfer data to tape.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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