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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Distributing Data around the BaBar collaborations Objectivity Federations

Emanuele Leonardi1, Simon Patton2
  1. I.N.F.N. Roma (Italy)
  2. Lawrence Berkeley National Lab., Berkeley (USA)

Speaker: Emanuele Leonardi

  BaBar has a number of disjoint Objectivity federations, many of which need to share information. For instance, to insulate the main online federation from problems with physicists analysis jobs, the main online federation is a separate federation from that used by physicists for their analysis. However these two federations need to share a large portion of their data.
  Similarly the regional centers of the collaboration have partial or complete local copies of the main federations to ensure good access to the data. It must be possible to move data created in these local federations to be moved back into the main federations of which they are a copy.
  Also, Monte Carlo production is done at many different sites but the data in these separate federations need to be combined into a single federation to simplify physicists access to this data.
  This paper describes the set-up of the regional centers, outlines the requirements for distributing data between the various disjoint federations and discusses the design and implementation of the solutions that have been applied at BaBar. It will give explicit examples of how various federations are set up to collaborate, and outlines some of the main tools that can be used to move the data between federations both on a local and a geographical scale.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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