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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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Farms Batch System and Fermi Inter-Process Communication toolkit

Mark Breitung, James Fromm, Tanya Levshina, Igor Mandrichenko, Marilyn Schweitzer
 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Speaker: Igor Mandrichenko

  Farms Batch System (FBS) was developed as a batch process management system for off-line Run II data processing at Fermilab. FBS will manage PC farms composed of up to 1000 nodes with disk capacity of up to several TB. It is designed to sustain up to 200 simultaneously running jobs and release 20 to 200 jobs per hour. FBS allows users to start arrays of parallel processes on multiple computers. It uses a simplified "process counting" method for load balancing between computers. FBS has been successfully used for more than a year at Fermilab by fixed target experiments and will be used for collider experiment off-line data processing.
  Fermi Inter-Process Communication toolkit (FIPC) was designed as a supplement product for FBS that helps establish synchronization and communication between processes running in a distributed batch environment. However, FIPC is an independent package, and can be used with other batch systems, as well as in a non-batch environment. FIPC provides users with a variety of global distributed objects: Binary semaphores (Locks) Counted semaphores (Flags and Gates) Queues Text Variables Other types of objects can be easily added to FIPC. FIPC is based on a Ring protocol that provides an atomic test-and-set operation over global text variables. Key features of FIPC are: Distributed nature of IPC objects High level of robustness with respect to crash and recovery of one or more nodes An ability to recover after unexpected client shutdown Shell- as well as programming language access to FIPC objects FIPC has been running on several PC farms at Fermilab for half a year and is going to be used by CDF for off-line data processing.

Presentation:  PowerPoint Long Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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