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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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StorageHelpers: A Format Independent Storage Specification

Chirstopher Jones, Daniel Riley, Martin Lohner
 Cornell University

Presented by: Christopher Jones

  The CLEO III data access system is designed to be input/output data format independent. This allows us to use the most appropriate storage technology for each type of data and for each use of the system (i.e. reconstruction versus analysis). But if we have N storage formats and M data items to store, we potentially have to deal with N*M storage specifications. To avoid this problem, we developed StorageHelpers which are C++ classes that encapsulate the schema and compression information of an object you wish to store. StorageHelpers allow us to efficiently store objects for any format without any modifications to the class being stored. We have tried to make it easy for a user to write a StorageHelper by using the standard C++ iostream notation and by creating a C++ header file parser which will write most of the StorageHelper code automatically. Using a StorageHelper is also easy, all the user has to do is link with the library that contains the object they want to read or write.

Short Paper:  Adobe Acrobat pdf 

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