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Last update: Apr 1, 2000

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PetaByte Storage Facility at RHIC

Razvan Popescu, John Riordan, Grace Tsai, Ognian Novakov
 Brookhaven National Laboratory

Speaker: Razvan Popescu

  The RHIC Computing Facility (RCF) provides resources for the about 3000 users, part of the RHIC collaborations. Faced with data volumes above 1.5PB per year and CPU requirements higher than 20000 SPECInt95 marks, the facility is deploying some of the most advanced technology in the mass storage areas as well as in the intensive computing section. The presentation will describe the advancements made in the data storage and data serving sections of our project. The recorded annual data volume will rise as high as 1.5PB. The 1600 processor analysis farm will process the data requiring a total bandwidth of 500MB/sec. These two requirements point to different optimal tape technology solutions: high capacity SD-3 and fast access 9840 technology. The construction of the tape store at RCF involves a mixed environment based on multiple tape layer hierarchies under HPSS management. The presentation will detail our experience with the system. 20TB of RAID storage and about 30 tape transports, connected at more than 15 data movers present a complicate data management and network topology problem. Our solutions and ideas regarding optimization by usage of SAN technology will be detailed. Presently the data center is ready for the first physics run at RHIC. Two mock data tests have been run at the facility to demonstrate the feasibility of the design. The results will be presented.

Presentation:  PowerPoint 

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